Goodwill Pharma’s New Trademark Registered in Honor of Albert Szent-Györgyi

Goodwill Pharma’s New Trademark Registered in Honor of Albert Szent-Györgyi

We are excited to unveil the registration of Goodwill Pharma’s latest trademark, featuring the abbreviation „ASG,” paying homage to the esteemed Albert Szent-Györgyi. As a notable Nobel laureate, Szent-Györgyi made significant contributions to Hungary and Szeged, becoming the first to receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his groundbreaking work.

Blazoned with his likeness, this trademark now proudly stands in Goodwill Pharma’s collection. With this designation, we aim to penetrate European markets, showcasing our deep admiration for Professor Szent-Györgyi’s lasting influence. We are privieged to have obtained permission from his heirs to honor his name in the realms of Pharmaceuticals and Dietary Supplements globally.

Albert Szent-Györgyi’s legacy is monumental, shaping the landscape of science and medicine. His research on vitamin C and cellular respiration revolutionized the understanding of biochemistry and physiology, laying a robust foundation for groundbreaking discoveries in health and nutrition, subsequently influencing modern medical practices.



As an embodiment of Professor Szent-Györgyi’s wisdom, we reflect on his famous words:

„To see what everyone else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

This mantra encapsulates the spirit of innovation and visionary thinking that drives us at Goodwill Pharma as we journey forward in the pharmaceutical industry, inspired by Albert Szent-Györgyi’s transformative legacy.