Distributors Wanted


Goodwill Pharma strongly focuses on the development of its international business. Throughout the years, we have developed a wide portfolio of products both in the field of pharmaceuticals and that of consumer health products, for the territories of Hungary, Serbia and countries in the Balkan region. Some of these well-established brands would be available for further territories under distribution.

From a strategic point of view, we find it crucial to continuously launch new products which are innovative and address complex health issues. We enhance our product portfolio in order to make our products available in international markets as well.

Our company has a strong track record in creating value through partnerships with several companies, local and global players. We wish to expand our network of distributors thus, we continuously look for collaboration opportunities with international distributors.

Please send your request for further information and a detailed description of a possible collaboration: contact@goodwillpharma.com


Why should you choose Goodwill Pharma?

  1. We are a Hungarian pharmaceutical company specializing in product development, sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals in the CEE region, mainly in Hungary and Serbia.
  2. We ooccupy a strong position in the market of pharmaceuticals as well as in the field of consumer health products.
  3. Our global innovative and branded generic pharmaceuticals portfolio (Rx, OTC) consists of proven marketed products in the field of rheumatology, infectious diseases, neurology, gastroenterology, ear-nose-throat, cough and cold, metabolism, allergy/immunology, urology, orthopedy, traumatology, andrology, psychiatry, dentistry and the GP segment.
  4. Our competitive advantages: warehousing, pre-wholesale, copromotions with major pharmacy-chains, direct distribution to pharmacies, delivering to all wholesalers in the region.
  5. We continuously launch new products which are innovative and address complex health issues, targeting various fields, thus, we aim at entering more and more new markets in various countries.
  6. We have developed a vast network of partners and we continue to look for collaboration opportunities with international partners and distributors.