To reach more and more patients in the CEE region and beyond To reach more and more patients in the CEE region and beyond

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for the CEE region

Enhancing quality of life


This is our foremost priority. We have a clear mission and a focused strategy to concentrate on new prospects to improve the life of children, adults and the elderly. In the CEE region and beyond.

Advancing in life sciences


Our focus on life science provides new perspectives for research projects that catalyse health innovation. We devote special attention to product development to find novel solutions that reach more and more patients.

From local to global

From local to global

Originally a Hungarian pharmaceutical company, we have a strong market presence in the field of product development, sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals in the CEE region, mainly in Hungary and Serbia.

Increasing partnerships


With an increasing number of affiliates and partners, we have become an internationally operating company, with a continuous expansion of our exporting activities.


Where there is a will, there is a way

In accordance with our corporate purpose Good health-Good life-Goodwill, we are striving to meet our responsibility to generate added value for our society and to enhance the development of science-based innovative, high quality medicines, dietary food supplements for medical purposes, food supplements and medical devices in various therapeutic areas. In support of our mission to make our medicines accessible to everyone, we are continuously expanding our portfolio as well as our geographical boundaries aiming towards a vertical integration, reaching more and more patients, health care professionals, pharmacies in order to improve and prolong people’s lives. Significant focus is attached to engaging new technologies that have the potential to produce excellent quality products worldwide, yet we do this by paying particular attention to protecting our environment.

Explore our therapeutic areas

Explore our
therapeutic areas


From sales perspective, this is our largest segment. Our global innovative and branded generic pharmaceuticals portfolio (Rx, OTC) consists of proven marketed products in the field of rheumatology, infectious diseases, neurology, gastroenterology, ear-nose-throat, cough and cold, metabolism, allergy/immunology, urology, orthopedy, traumatology, andrology, psychiatry, dentistry and the GP segment. We have long term contracts with major pharmacy chains, we are present in pharmacies directly as a wholesaler and indirectly through wholesaler partners.

Consumer health products

We occupy a strong position in the market of dietary food supplements for medical purposes, food supplements and medical devices. One of our key food supplement product portfolios is named after the Hungarian Professor Albert Szent-Györgyi, who was awarded with the Nobel Prize for his discoveries in connection with the biological combustion processes with special reference to vitamin C. We are proud to be the caregiver of his legacy and with Szent-Györgyi’s food supplement portfolio, we are one of the most crucial representatives of the segment in the Hungarian market.

Research and

Research is an indispensable part of our strategy thus, we work together with various academic institutions. To encourage collaboration, we make connections across the company and beyond to bring together experts from different medical fields. As a result of our collaboration with University of Szeged, a reputable university in Hungary, there have been numerous project initiatives for product development coming from its Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry. Our company seeks further partners to establish R&D cooperation agreements to pursue innovative solutions together in support of our mission to improve people’s lives with novel modalities of treatment.

Research and development

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We are ready for collaboration with our prospective partners who seek business opportunities, plan to enter the market in the CEE region or are interested in being distributors for our products. Some of our main collaboration interests: in-licensing (our responsibility will be authorisation, completing marketing materials with the help of our own graphic design team, distribution with our own fleet and conducting sales and marketing activities in the region), representation (we will market the product in the region under the brand name or trademark of the supplier) of products, product development, manufacturing of FS and FSMP, creating new product lines and out-licensing (we are continuously searching international distributors for our large portfolio of both pharmaceuticals as well as consumer health products).
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