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​​Legal statement

This statement contains the terms and conditions of use with regard to visiting our webpage. By accessing the contents of the portal and browsing its pages, you agree without limitation and reservation, with the terms and conditions of use set out in this statement.

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Intellectual Property

Goodwill Pharma Co. is the proprietor of this website as well as the one responsible for its operation. All information and materials found on this website – the trademarks, logos and domain names – are the sole property of Goodwill Pharma Co. All the information available on the website, including all the images and texts are protected by copyright and industrial property rights.

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You acknowledge and agree that, unless otherwise provided by law, all the content published on the portal is subject to copyright law and may not be used without Goodwill Pharma’s permission in any way other than in compliance with the conditions described herein or with the provisions set forth in the text on the given webpage.


Ownership of information

Goodwill Pharma Co. does everything it can in order to provide precise, valid and up to date information on its webpage. Although the content of the webpage is accessible to visitors from other countries as well, Goodwill Pharma Co. may be held liable for the content posted on its webpage solely in the territory of Hungary in accordance with the Hungarian legal regulations.
The company will not assume liability for the validity of its materials and does not take responsibility regarding the information on the webpage. Neither Goodwill Pharma Co. nor the persons in charge of the management of the webpage are to be held responsible for any fault, failure, false assertion or inaccuracy that may arise from the content of the aforementioned pages. In a similary way, the company cannot be held responsible for any error, direct or indirect damage, loss of data that may arise when visiting the webpage.
The content posted on this website is for general information purpose only and may not be construed as counselling or recommendation. Such information may not serve as the basis for any decision or action, including the medical information posted on the website, which cannot replace the detailed medical advice made for each patient’s needs. The information on the website cannot be used for diagnosis of illnesses or for prescription of medicine. In every case, you need to consult a doctor or other competent healthcare professional.

Goodwill Pharma Co. does not take responsiblilty for any event that may arise from the incorrect, inappropriate interpretation of the information on the webpage.


Links to other webpages

The website of Goodwill Pharma Co. may be connected to other webpages by means of links. The company checks the availability of these links on a regular basis. Yet, Goodwill Pharma Co. cannot guarantee that the links pointing to these webpages are permanently available and will not assume any liability for the content accessed in this manner, even though you have accessed such content by clicking on a link on the company’s website.

External websites may contain hyperlinks that may lead to our webpage. Such hyperlinks cannot be construed without the prior consent of Goodwill Pharma Co. Thus, Goodwill Pharma Co. cannot assume liability if such an external webpage cannot be accessed and the company cannot be held responsible for the content (information, advertisements, products or any other material) of such websites.


Limitation of liability

Goodwill Pharma Co. has compiled detailed information provided on this website to the best of its knowledge and belief, using professional diligence, in compliance with the requirements of the laws and regulations in force. We endeavor to expand and update this range of information on an ongoing basis. We reserve the right to change the content of the webpage at any time without notification, we may terminate any of our services without any notice. We do not assume liability in connection with the content of the webpage, with any information, declaration available on the webpage or through the webpage. Therefore, we are not to be held responsible for any information found on the webpage, in terms of its accuracy, validity, reliability, completeness, correctness. When visiting the webpage, you agree that you access the webpage and its content at your own risk.

Goodwill Pharma Co. cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from access or from the use of this website. Furthermore, the company is not to be held responsible for:

  • the incorrect or unprecise information found on the website
  • the potential damage caused by any unauthorised access to and the desctruction or modification of data or any damage caused by such illegal conduct
  • any direct or indirect damage, irrespective of its causes or consequences, even if Goodwill Pharma Co. has foreseen the occurence of the damage, which may have occured because: (i) you accessed or did not access the webpage, (ii) you used the webpage, as a result of which your computer had been infected by a virus and or (iii) you relied on the information directly or indirectly stated by the webpage.

The limitation of liability does not relieve Goodwill Pharma Co. from the laws and regulations in force. Goodwill Pharma Co. may be held liable for the content posted on its webpage solely in the territory of Hungary in accordance with Hungarian legal regulations.

Technical responsibility

You must be aware that (i) technically is it impossible for the webpage to function error free that is why Goodwill Pharma Co. cannot be held responsible for (ii) potential errors resulting in the impossibility to temporarily access the website, (iii) the usability of the webpage may be negatively influenced by causes that stay outside the responsibility of Goodwill Pharma Co. Such causes may be related to telecommunication links between your network of that of Goodwill Pharma Co.

Goodwill Pharma Co. and its suppliers may make modifications or may interrupt the accessibility of the webpage in order to conduct maintainance work or to do any changes, updates on the webpage. Goodwill Pharma Co. does not assume liability for the interruption of the accessibility of the webpage.



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Right to redress

In connection with the webpage and its content, it is the Hungarian legal regulations that are applicable. Therefore, any litigation must take place in accordance with the Hungarian laws at the Hungarian Court of Justice.