World Menopause Day, an awareness call for women in menopause

World Menopause Day, an awareness call for women in menopause

The World Menopause Day is a worldwide awareness call for women who encounter health issues during and beyond menopause. The International Menopause Society, in strong collaboration with the World Health Organization, has designated October 18 as World Menopause Day. This day recognises that the menopausal phase is the time in a woman’s life which requires more care and proper attention. It is of pivotal importance for women to have sufficient information about menopause, its symptoms, possible health implications as well as therapeutical possibilities.

Around one third of a woman’s life is lived after the menopause.  Apart  from the common symptoms of menopause, women become vulnerable to chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis and urinary tract diseases.

At Goodwill Pharma, we strongly believe that women must be encouraged to have a voice about this, to speak about it with confidence when consulting with their physicians. It is crusial to learn about possible therapeutic options and find the therapy which is the most appropriate for every woman.

We are convinced that menopause should not be regarded by women as a phase to fear about but as an opportunity for women to review their health and lifestyle and to make possible changes which will help them regain balance.