Goodwill Pharma Szeged Vízmű Ice Hockey wins in OB II

After an exciting match in OB II, Goodwill Pharma Szeged Vízmű Ice Hockey wins over Lehel HC team. Goodwill Pharma has been offering support to the team for several years and we are proud to see how the team has evolved.

„We are content with our first victory. Seven players returned to the team and it was a good decision that they immediately started playing” stated Gábor Prakab, the head coach of the team.

Goodwill Pharma is proud of the results of the team. Jójárt Ferenc, the CEO of Goodwill Pharma emphasised that „the spirit that the team represents, is essential for us. Since we have made the decision to be name givers to the team, we can see its amazing development. We are ready to continue our support and help to the team.”