The construction and renovation works have commenced at Goodwill Pharma Serbia

The construction and renovation works of a production and a warehouse unit in Subotica have begun in October this year. Goodwill Pharma Serbia is responsible for the markets of Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia.The new, advanced facility is aimed to have 4 main sections: a production plant with primary and secondary packaging units, a laboratory (physical-chemical and microbiological), a raw material and finished products warehouse and an office building. Financially, the investment is supported by Prosperitati Foundation.

The construction has started by establishing a production plant which includes production offices, rooms for rest, wardrobes, wet node. This is followed by a laboratory (physical-chemical and microbiological), a warehouse as well as an office building will be constructed.

The new facility is scheduled for completion in 2020. Ferenc Jójárt, chairman of the board emphasised that „Such an investment is an essential cornerstone in the company’s life. With this, we aim to expand our production capacity of food supplements as well as to fulfill more and more orders.