Cooperation Agreement between Goodwill Pharma Plc. and HiPP Hungary Ltd.

Cooperation Agreement between Goodwill Pharma Plc. and HiPP Hungary Ltd.

We are proud to announce that Goodwill Pharma Plc. and the German-rooted HiPP Hungary Ltd. have agreed on a long-term cooperation. We look forward to successful and productive work in the future.

The companies share the same philosophy and mindset, striving to use the highest quality raw materials and create excellent products to improve the health and quality of life of consumers.

About Goodwill Pharma

Goodwill Pharma is a publicly listed pharmaceutical company. The word „goodwill” represents goodwill, the value of good health, and faith in the future. Their goal is to develop and market high-quality, effective therapeutic products across various therapeutic areas. Goodwill Pharma Plc. is one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Hungary and the creator of the Albert Szent-Györgyi product line. The company’s primary research areas include products aimed at increasing health span. A strategically important tool for Goodwill Pharma is increasing the number of foreign partners and expanding the company’s product portfolio to ensure continuous growth. One of the main models of their business development strategy is product representation, which involves selling products under the manufacturer’s brand name.

In the future, Goodwill Pharma will produce:

  • HiPP 1 BIO Milk-Based Infant Formula
  • HiPP 1 BIO COMBIOTIK Milk-Based Infant Formula
  • HiPP HA 1 COMBIOTIK Milk-Based Infant Formula from Protein Hydrolysate
  • HiPP PRE BIO COMBIOTIK Milk-Based Infant Formula

Additionally, they plan to integrate other HiPP products into their portfolio.

The products are expected to be available in the webshop in the future.

HiPP organic formulas have been developed with the involvement of experts for over 60 years, considering the latest nutritional science knowledge. By using organic ingredients, they meet the stringent requirements for infant formulas.

About HiPP

The German HiPP company, celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, has been representing the conscious treatment of nature, people, and the economy in harmony for nearly 70 years. Today, HiPP is one of the world’s largest processors of organic farming raw materials, Europe’s number one organic formula brand, and the world’s leading organic baby food manufacturer, known for its high-standard products. HiPP BIO quality products are made using stricter requirements than EU regulations. They have set a new quality standard in baby food production. These quality standards apply to the selection of land, cultivation, processing and thus to each HiPP organic product.

At HiPP, only selected raw materials are processed, but good quality can only be achieved through a strict control system. According to their quality assurance system, more than 260 checks are performed per product, from soil analysis to raw material analysis to finished product inspection. Immediately after delivery, their staff check the conformity of the raw materials to ensure that only impeccable organic raw materials are used in the jars. This is how they can receive the unique HiPP BIO logo and the personal guarantee of the owner.