„Világgazdaság” Conference: Hungarian patients do little to ensure the success of their therapy

„Világgazdaság” Conference: Hungarian patients do little to ensure the success of their therapy

The topic of the afternoon roundtable discussions at Tuesday’s „Just Be Healthy!” conference was healthy living, nutrition, and fitness. The speakers all agreed that we are responsible for our own health. Despite this, Hungarian patients often do little to ensure the success of their therapy, expecting solutions from the doctor and medication instead.

On Tuesday afternoon, participants discussed healthy and so-called „free-from” nutrition, prevention, and fitness. They also talked about the role of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Dr. Mária Kardos, co-owner and communications director of Goodwill Pharma, stated that there is much to be done as chronic diseases are increasing, obesity is on the rise, and diseases that used to be characteristic only of older people are now appearing earlier among younger individuals. She also agreed that strategic thinking leading to a long, healthy life should begin at a young age. She referred to the age distribution of the Hungarian society, noting that the largest age group is currently 48 years old, and there are fewer younger people, which means there will not be enough capacity to support the elderly in the future. She also mentioned the high demand for dietary supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, she emphasized that although there is a vast supply of these supplements, some are of inadequate quality, produced in substandard laboratories, and do not meet the required regulations. She pointed out that many people are looking for quick fixes from celebrity-endorsed products. As an ophthalmologist, she also highlighted the significant changes in eye problems due to altered screen viewing and sleeping habits. Furthermore, she added that maintaining health as one ages requires a good strategy that includes healthy eating, exercise, dietary supplements, and proper sleep.

Photo: „Just Be Healthy!” – Roundtable Discussion on the Cost of Fitness / Photo: Zoltán Vémi / „Világgazdaság”