Goodwill Pharma Foundation for Health organises Albert Szent-Györgyi Doctors’ Award

Goodwill Pharma Foundation for Health organises Albert Szent-Györgyi Doctors’ Award

Albert Szent-Györgyi Doctors’ Award, to which more than 1000 doctors were nominated by their patients, has had an unanticipated success on a national level.

In 2017, it was 80 years since the Hungarian Professor Albert Szent-Györgyi was awarded with the Nobel Prize for his discoveries related to vitamin C. It was connected to this anniversary that Goodwill Pharma Foundation for Health has established Albert Szent-Györgyi Doctors’ Award, which aims to honour doctors in Hungary who demonstrate an outstanding professionalism in providing patients with the most efficient medical treatment.

A year later, on the 26th of April 2018, the first Award Ceremony took place in Budapest at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Because health is of pivotal importance to everyone’s well-being, we asked patients all over the country to nominate those doctors for the award who had an impact on their recovery from various illnesses and who were there by their side when they most needed it. A number of 1015 doctors were nominated by over 1000 patients from all over the country.

Seven awards were offered based on patients’ nominations. Apart from the patients’ nominations, two professional awards were granted by the Foundation itself. The members of the commitee were Prof. Peter Klivényi M.D., Árpád Kallai M.D. and the preeminent Hungarian actor Géza D. Hegedűs.


The awarded doctors were:

– István Czimbalmos M.D., GP doctor, occupational physician, East Hungary

– Gábor Fodor M.D., anesthetist West Hungary

– Viktor Horváth M.D., surgeon, West Hungary

– Richárd Kozma M.D., GP doctor, East Hungary

– Pál Perlaki M.D., internist, cardiologist, East Hungary

– Katalin Sényi M.D., ophtalmologist, Budapest

– István Tokodi M.D., intensive premature head physician, gastroenterologist, West Hungary


The awarded doctors


Two Goodwill Pharma for Health Foundation awards were granted for two doctors for their remarkable work and expertise. This is a recognition for them for being a role model for physicians within the country and abroad.


The two doctors awarded by the Foundation:

– András Vorobcsuk M.D., Head of laboratory physician

– Zsolt Prodán M.D., pediatric heart surgeon


Marcia Szent-Györgyi, the widow of Albert Szent-Györgyi, was a special guest of the event. She highlighted that this award can be regarded as an opportunity to thank our doctors for their committed work.

Ferenc Jójárt M.D., the founder and sponsor of the award stated his wish for Szent-Györgyi’s birthday, September 16 to be the international day of vitamin C. This would be essential not only for the Hungarians and Europeans but for the whole world as well, as a symbol of our right to a healthy life. This stands proof that in Hungary even 80 years ago, remarkable things happened, Ferenc Jójárt said.

For patients, the commitment that these doctors have shown is invaluable. For doctors, this award is a meaningful recognition of a remarkable achievement.

We are proud to have awarded these doctors and we will continue to organise this event every year.