Goodwill Pharma establishes a new production and warehouse facility in Subotica, Serbia

Goodwill Pharma establishes a new production and warehouse facility in Subotica, Serbia

Goodwill Pharma Serbia will commence the construction and renovation works of a production and warehouse unit in Subotica.  The construction work started in October, 2017 and it will be completed in the second half of 2020, according to the plans. With this new development, we expand our production and warehouse capacity, which would support the significant growth of our company.

The new facility will consist of 4 main sections: a production plant with primary and secondary packaging units, a laboratory (physical-chemical and microbiological), a raw material and finished products warehouse and an office building.

Firstly, the production unit serves the primary and secondary packaging of solid pharmaceutical forms (tablets, capsules, sahets). On the one hand, the primary packaging capacity is up to 12,000 packages (boxes) in a shift, which means 3 million packages per year in one shift.  On the other hand, the secondary packaging has a capacity of at least 12,000 packages in one shift on an automated cartoner machine.

In the first phase, the production plant will be realized on 360 sqm of production premises and about 120 sqm of general space (production offices, rooms for rest, wardrobes, wet node). There is about 250 sqm of space for expansion of future production.

Secondly, a laboratory (physical-chemical and microbiological) will be established. This will enable physical and chemical tests – tests for determining chemical composition, for establishing quality control parameters, determining metals and metalloids, pesticide residues, mycotoxins and aflatoxins. Furthermore, microbiological tests will be carried out in full compliance with EU and local regulations, including specific microorganisms.

Thridly, a warehouse will be constructed, its capacity will be about 960 pallet places (rough division of about 280 pallets of finished product and about 680 pallets of starting materials). The entire storage space is intended to be used for increase of production, whose theoretical capacities can be multiplied by 4 compared to the first phase.

In addition to the investment in Serbia, the company’s Hungarian headquarters has also commenced the building of a new logistics centre in Szeged.

Ferenc Jójárt M.D., chairman of the board said the new plant will be aimed at expanding our production capacity of food suppliments, widening our business offering, fulfilling more and more orders.